April 13, 2016 - Tools of Archaeology

May 8 Miess image1April 13, 2016 - 8pm, Presentation

Can You Dig It?: The Tools of an Archaeologist

with Janet Miess, Archaeologist

The exploration of ancient sites can take years, often decades. Sometimes one building can take several field seasons - removing the dirt to expose its dimensions, decorations and construction. It is a slow process that tests the patience of many a student. Discover a tomb or a hidden cache and the work could make you famous overnight.  It will always be one of the more exciting things in a person’s life. Organizing the space, using the proper tools so nothing is damaged, and sifting soil looking for something different is essential in the discovery of the great monuments of the past.


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April 20, 2016 - Maya Textiles

eventb ph3April 20, 2016 - 8pm, Presentation

From the Ceremonial to the Everyday:  Maya Textiles as Cultural Texts

with Dr. Gabrielle Vail

Florida Institute for Hieroglyphic Research

When weaving a textile using traditional techniques such as a backstrap loom, Maya women encode information that is clearly visible to others, as well as that which remains hidden except by close scrutiny and analysis.  The former includes the striking colors and designs, as well as the materials used, whereas the latter involves how the textile is structured:  the type of weave, the spin and ply of the threads, and similar details.

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