April 13, 2016 - Tools of Archaeology

May 8 Miess image1April 13, 2016 - 8pm, Presentation

Can You Dig It?: The Tools of an Archaeologist

with Janet Miess, Archaeologist

The exploration of ancient sites can take years, often decades. Sometimes one building can take several field seasons - removing the dirt to expose its dimensions, decorations and construction. It is a slow process that tests the patience of many a student. Discover a tomb or a hidden cache and the work could make you famous overnight.  It will always be one of the more exciting things in a person’s life. Organizing the space, using the proper tools so nothing is damaged, and sifting soil looking for something different is essential in the discovery of the great monuments of the past.


There are 4,400 documented Maya sites to dig;

a well-equipped archaeologist’s field kit is a must.

May 8 Miess image2 May 8 Miess image3

  Early Byzantine excavations
  at Çadır Höyük in Turkey.
  Photo courtesy of Janet Miess.


The Institute of Maya Studies is now a community partner with Miami Dade College – Kendall Campus, Miami, FL. This program will take place in K-413 (in Building K-4, Room 13). Check out the campus map for the location of Building K-4 on mdc.edu or, call the Maya Hotline (305-279-8110) for directions.


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