July 16, 2014 Presentation


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July 16, 8 pm: Public Institute of Maya Studies Presentation

Dawn of the Maya,

a film by National Geographic

Deep in the jungles of Guatemala, archaeologists are uncovering astounding evidence of an early Maya civilization – one that was flourishing before the time of Christ. Clues to a lost dynasty of kings, a breathtaking mural, a monumental mask, what may be the biggest pyramid ever built… these discoveries are pushing back the clock by more than two millennia, revealing the origins of Maya civilization. This beautiful movie explores how the Preclassic Maya lived and ruled before 200 CE.


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King (impersonating Hunahpu, one of the Hero Twins) involved in a sacred ritual. Fragment of west mural, San Bartolo.




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Francisco Estrada-Belli and his team uncovered this giant stucco mask adorning the western facade of a sub-structure of Structure 1 in Triadic Group 1, at Cival, Peten, Guatemala.Photograph by Bruce Smith.






 All meetings are at 8 pm • Institute of Maya Studies • Miami Science Museum • Maya Hotline: 305-279-8110

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