July 9, 2014 Presentation

July 9, 8 pm:  Public IMS Ancient Maya Cities Series Presentation:

Ancient Maya Cities with Mural Paintings – with Dr. Anne Stewart

Many ancient Maya cities had murals. Just how did they paint them, what was the basis of the pigments, and what was the subject matter that was presented? We will be looking not only at the well-documented surviving murals at sites such as Bonampak and San Bartolo, but also examples encountered at lesser-known sites, as well as some murals that were recorded by early archaeologists that no longer exist.

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Project illustrator Heather Hurst studies murals encountered by archaeologist William Saturno at Xultun, a site located in the Peten of Guatemala, near Tikal. Photo by Tyrone Turner ©2012 NGO.  



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This ancient mural portrays ordinary Maya citizens preparing for a festive celebration at Calakmul, Mexico. Photo courtesy of Carrasco Vargas / PNAS.




eventa ph3Recreation of a Maya artist painting one of the murals in the Upper Temple of the Jaguars, above the Great Ballcourt at Chichen Itza. Although roped off to visitors today, some of the original pigments still survive.




All meetings are at 8 pm • Institute of Maya Studies • Miami Science Museum • Maya Hotline: 305-279-8110

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