Antonio Benavides Castillo

Name: ABC 2011

Antonio Benavides Castillo

University and/or Organization you are currently working with:

Centro INAH Campeche (Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia)

Type of archaeology you do:

Field and office.

Project/Site(s) currently working on:

Edzna. Another field project is MANZANA (Mantenimiento a Zonas Arqlueologicas No Abiertas al Publico).This project looks for unknown or very poorly known sites, lost in the jungle, whose buildings are in danger collapse. Maintenance is given, along with the registration of the principal features of the site. Some examples: Balché, Chunyaxnic, Sisilá, Chelemí, Hwasil, Sabana Piletas and Xuelén.

Does your site or project have a website?


Some previous projects/sites worked on:

Cobá (Quintana Roo); Chacmultún (Yucatán); Okolhuitz, Jaina and Uxul (Campeche).

Most interesting find from the field:

New architectonic information (piece by piece) to understand the development of Maya architecture.

Strangest thing encountered in the field:

Not strange but nice: animal life.

What made you choose that site to work at?

Each site has specific problems or answers to solve. Extension, chronology, architecture, development, iconography, regional relations, etc.

What size crew do you have working with you?

It depends on the money and the time to spend at the field. Now at Edzna, for example, I work with 3 archaeologists, one topographer and almost 50 workers (including 13 masons).

Are archaeologists from your host country working with you?

I have no host country.

Do you have problems with looters?

Sometimes, but those are rare cases.

If you could describe the site with only one word, what would it be?

Each site is different every one with its own charming personality.

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