Ramzy BarroisRamzy R. Barrois 


Ramzy R. Barrois


University and/or Organization you are currently working with:

UMR8096 Archéologie des Amériques, CNRS France


Type of archaeology you do: Maya Ballcourt, Transition between Preclassic and Classic, Iconography, Epigraphy


Project/Site(s) currently working on: The Holmul Archaeological Project, Holmul, Guatemala


Does your site or project have a website? bu.edu/holmul


Previous projects/sites worked on: Rio Bec, La Rejolla, Caracol, Uaxactún


Most interesting find from the field: An early Classic Ballcourt in Group H at Uaxactún


Strangest thing encountered in the field: A bone from human thumb, on the ballcourt, no context. The game was probably really violent ! ;)


What made you choose that site to work at? The articles of Francisco Estrada-Belli and the tremendous possibilities of investigations there.


What size crew do you have working with you? The biggest crew was 25 people for the restauration of Uaxactún Group B ballcourt.


Are archaeologists from your host country working with you? In Guatemala, you must have crews composed of 50% by Guatemalans. It is much better, though.


Do you have problems with looters? There is always a problem with looting, but not really looters coming on the site during my season. But it is true that we cannot let a tomb unexcavated if we find it, because it can be looted in an evening.


If you could describe the site with only one word, what would it be? Magic.

Ballcourt at Uaxactun, Peten, Guatemala

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