Xultun, Guatemala

Incredible Findings at site of Xultun, Guatemala

William 'Bill' Saturno, Boston University archaeologist, has reported finding new murals and exciting paintings at a site near San Bartolo. An article in Science, co-authored by  Saturno, David Stuart, Anthony Aveni and Franco Rossi, "Ancient Maya Astronomical Tables from Xultun, Guatemala" has been published.


To search for information on Xultun from previous expeditions, see THE CORPUS OF MAYA HIEROGLYPHIC INSCRIPTIONS at the Peabody Musuem at Harvard University website. When you go to the pages be sure to select a stela and click "Detailed View" to see pictures convert to drawings and then find it in the interactive map (Locate on Map).  The digital Corpus adds lots of information on the new discovery.



Below is information and links to articles on the finds. Links will open in a new browser page.




Mayan Artwork Uncovered In A Guatemalan Forest (NPR article and audio)


Mayan art and calendar at Xultun stun archaeologists



Maya calendar workshop documents time beyond 2012



Ancient Mayan Artwork, Calculations Discovered



From David Stuart Blog: Xultun’s Astronomical Tables





William Saturno's Explorers Journal from National Geographic:

30 sec video available



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Biographical sketches of men and women who did much of the early defining
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