Images of TMS 2012

Images of Tulane Maya Symposium 2012

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Artifact at NOMA

(left) One of the beautiful Maya artifacts now on display at the New Orleans Museum of Art. The conference opens with a Keynote Address and viewing of the Precolumbian collection at the New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA). Learn about the museum at their website

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A magnificent panel from the Usumacinta area depicting a ruler and probably his wife during a special ceremony. The panel was a victim of looters, who destroyed some of the extensive glyphs framing the piece.





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Marc Zender describes one of the magnificent rubbings of Merle Greene in the MARI collection to visitors during the symposium. The newly opened gallery space at the Dinwiddie Hall is small but beautiful. Many of Merle's rubbings will be on display on the gallery walls.

Marc ZenderMarc Zender points to a rubbing of Merle Greene of one of the columns in the Lower Temple of the Jaguars. MARI is home to a large amount of Merle's rubbings, which are supposed to be rotated for exhibition at the new gallery just opening at MARI in the Dinwiddie Hall at Tulane.

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