Unique Jade Necklace found

Report to the Aztlan List by Mike Ruggeri on  January 9, 2012

Guatemala archaeologists have uncovered a very beautiful jade necklace in Structure 6 at Takalik Ab'aj, made up of 70 beads of jadeite. The necklace was deposited between 190 BCE and 10 CE. The jade necklace appears to have begun a series of offerings at the site over the centuries. In 2010, they found two ceremonial heads named "the Lord of the Fret Design" for an apparent powerful ruler.

The Guatemala Times has the report here with several very striking photos of the find;

or here is a tiny URL;

The 2010 discovery of the jadeite ceremonial heads is published here with more very remarkable photos;

or here is a tiny URL;

Report to the Aztlan List by Mike Ruggeri on  January 9, 2012

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