Pioneers in Maya Archaeology

thumb PMA Friar Carrillo 001Friar Estanislao Carrillo: (1798–1846)

Submitted by Marta Barber*

Amid the famous 19th Century explorers of the Yucatán peninsula – Waldeck, Maler, Charnay – there is a pioneer whose name and work are almost forgotten: Estanislao Carrillo. Serving as the priest at Ticul, he aided John Lloyd Stephen’s explorations and perhaps inspired by the traveler’s publications, compiled his own accounts describing several Maya ruins.

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thumb Maurice dePerigny 001Count Maurice  de Périgny (1877-ca. 1935)

Submitted by IMS webmaster Keith Merwin

At the end of the Nineteenth Century many explorers found the lure of the ruins of America impossible to resist. One of these explorers was an actual French count, (The) Count Maurice de Périgny was born in 1877 at the Chateau de Tourcairats in Tarn, France. Périgny received training as a geographer and joined the Geographical Society of Paris.

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thumb Tatiana Proskouriakoff 001Tatiana Proskouriakoff: 1909 - 1985

Submitted by Dave Quarterson

When Tatiana Proskouriakoff was born in Tomsk, Siberia, on January 23, 1909, no one could have imagined she would one day find herself half a world away in the jungles of Mexico and Central America devoted to Maya studies. Tania, as she would be known, not only opened a window into the history and architecture of Maya sites with her drawings of reconstructed crumbled buildings, but also became a key element in the decipherment of Maya hieroglyphic writing. Her name will be forever linked to Piedras Negras, the Classic Maya site on the Guatemalan bank of the Usumacinta River. It is all a very fascinating story ...

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Pioneers in Maya Archaeology


thumb APMaudslay 001Alfred P. Maudslay: 1850-1931

Submitted by Marta Barber

“Mesoamericanists must be glad that [Alfred] Maudslay did not choose to pursue a career in the Colonial Service, nor opt for archaeological investigations in Sri Lanka, … because in either event, not only would the progress of Mesoamerican research have been greatly retarded in its early years, but the record of Maya inscriptions available to us now, more than a century later, from those ancient and steadily eroding monuments would be much less complete,” writes Ian Graham in his informative biography, Alfred Maudslay and the Maya.

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Pioneers in Maya Archaeology


thumb CPBowditch 001Charles P. Bowditch: (1842-1921)

Submitted by Keith Merwin

When we think of the names of pioneers in Maya Archaeology we think of names like Alfred P. Maudslay, Tobert Maler, Edward H. Thompson, Sylvanus G. Morley and Alfred Tozzer. What all of these people have in common is the financial support of Charles Pickering Bowditch.

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