Analysis and Evaluation of Lintel Beams in Maya Building Construction

2009. Joaquin J. Rodriguez III, P.E.



This publication concerns stress analyses and proportional reviews of structural lintel beams in Maya buildings. The lintels reviewed are those built from stone (cursorily) and from wood (in detail). The wood lintels reviewed include simply supported and fixed-ends.

We have taken into consideration a comparison of techniques and levels of technology along a chronological time-line and across cultural and political subgroups. We have also attempted an interpretation of cultural trends.


Analysis and Evaluation of Masonry Vaults in Maya Building Construction

 2011. Joaquin J. Rodriguez III, P.E.

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Similar to the IMS Lintel Investigation and utilizing some of the same raw data, the results of this paper calculates and compares the mass stability and internal stresses of Maya vaults. Some of the a priori objectives are to learn about the actual stability of the so called "false arch" vs. true arching behavior. We will also take a look at the use – or need – of the so-called vault beams, which some believe were used to temporarily brace the vaults. Time and location distribution are compared.




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